Christie’s Cabaret Glendale is the club that will make you feel at home.

Christie’s Cabaret is a renowned national brand of gentlemen’s clubs, so all Christie’s Cabarets have a few things in common.  All Christie’s Cabarets are clean, beautifully designed, and offer the highest level of service.  All Christie’s Cabarets also have the highest standards when it comes to our gorgeous entertainers.  In addition to that, however, the Glendale club stands out by being the club that makes you feel at home.  Christie’s Cabaret Glendale isn’t as huge as the Tempe and Phoenix clubs, and that allows us to give very attentive, personal service to every one of our guests.  Christie’s Cabaret Glendale is the laid-back getaway where you can come and really relax after a long week, and where all the girls will remember your name.  We’re open every day and every night, so come out and discover your new home away from home.